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The idea for City Club originated with lead artists Gareth Jones and Nils Norman as an ambitious project to re-imagine the public spaces surrounding an expanded MK Gallery, designed by 6a architects, animating the top end of Midsummer Boulevard with alternative models of contemporary art. Now, over thirty artists are part of City Club and MK Gallery's interim programme whilst the building is closed for construction. Some are working in residence with different communities, while others are creating new site-specific art works. All are taking their inspiration from Milton Keynes. Click the image to find out more about each artist.

Gareth Jones

Gareth Jones home pic

Gareth grew up in the new city of Milton Keynes and studied Fine Art at Newcastle upon Tyne Polytechnic. His work spans drawing, sculpture, installation, exhibition making, writing and publishing.

Nils Norman

NilsNorman Vancouver  Vernacular02.jpeg

Nils works across the disciplines of public art, architecture and urban planning. His projects challenge notions of the function of public art and the efficacy of mainstream urban planning and large-scale regeneration.

James Aldridge

James Aldridge 4

James works with people and places, interweaving individual and socially engaged practice, to research the role of art within learning.

Caroline Devine

Caroline Devine

Caroline’s work investigates the boundaries between sound and music, encompassing electroacoustic composition, sound installation, radio and theatre. 

Mark El-khatib

City Club Newspaper

Mark El-khatib is a designer running his collaborative studio developing publications, printed matter, websites, visual identities, exhibition and environmental graphics.

Dan Fox

Shimmer Tree by Dan Fox.jpg

Sound artist Dan Fox creates a new work with sculpture, sound and light to occupy one of Milton Keynes’ porte cochères.  


Freee Badges

Freee artist collective is concerned with how opinions are produced to form core social values.

Andy Holden

The Third Attempt plywood timber fence-paint Holland 2008. Andy Holden

Andy is an artist and musician whose approach is characterised by a desire to connect to audiences while retaining his own idiosyncratic internal references and motivations.

Modern Architect

Storge, South Bank

Modern Architect is the architectural practice of artist and architect, Sean Griffiths.

Mr Wilson's Second Liners

Mr Wilson's Second Liners

Mr. Wilson’s Second Liners are an anarchic extravaganza bursting with colour and upbeat dance tunes that pay homage to disco and ‘90s club culture.


Townley and Bradby

T & B Bed

Townley and Bradby develop artistic forms that are driven by repetition: achievable within, and as part of, their on-going domestic chores. 

Denis Tricot

Denis Tricot

French artist Denis Tricot creates large-scale sculptures in rural and urban locations that are often animated by dancers, musicians and actors.

Walk the Plank

Walk the Plank, Feast of Fire, Vipul Sangoi

Walk The Plank is a creative force of artists, makers and pyrotechnic wizards who work in collaboration with diverse communities to enrich lives through shared creative experience. 

Stuart Whipps

Stuart Whipss, Zab 004

Stuart works predominantly with photography and video alongside reconfigured existing or remade materials to question the construction and understanding of shared cultural values.

Associate Artists

Associate Artists are working with MK Gallery's learning team and communities in Milton Keynes to expand City Club projects.  

Sophie Bennett

Flags, Sophie Bennett.jpg

Primarily inspired by the environment around her Sophie creates unexpected and contrasting compositions through building layers of colour, texture and shape, as well as realist images.

Alice Boland-Rhodes

Alice Boland-Rhodes 50 Hugs 2

Alice is a performance artist and writer based in Milton Keynes. 

Liz Corkhill

Liz Corkhill Untitled 1

Liz is drawn to uncomfortable situations and social taboos, with an emphasis on shame, the role of the outsider, and her own experiences of childhood loneliness. She prefers the journey to the destination.

Carlos Cortes

Carlos Cortes A Thin Line

Carlos incorporates performing and visual art in his work and has exhibited, published and performed across Europe and the USA. 

Alex Evans

Alex Evans, City Spiral

Alex is a visual artist, film director and creative facilitator working at the intersection of drawing, performance, film and engagement practices. 

Lee Farmer

Lee Farmer Untitled (composite 4c)

Lee's detailed and complex works on paper incorporate found images and original drawings. 

Jane Glynn

Jane Glynn Light Books

Jane creates visual diaries using simple drawing or mark making tasks over set periods of time to create links between one moment and the next.


India Harvey

India Harvey Glove edit

India's work and research focuses on participatory art practice, play, playgrounds, textiles and neurodiversity.

Ella Hempsted

Ella Hempsted, Play.2017.

Ella’s practice explores three-dimensional works, with a particular interest in soft sculpture. 


Pelican Play, 2016, film still. Photo credit, the Children of Pelican Estate

Artist duo Kaleidoworks - Betsy Dadd & Lydia CS - make experimental moving-image works where everything is in a state of flux

Amy Leung

Decisions Decisions, The Britishness Project, Firstsite, 2018. Image courtesy of Firstsite, photographer Douglas Atfield

Amy Leung is a London based visual artist working across sculpture, drawing, print and text. Her practice explores the articulation and communication of joy through objects, making together, or shared experiences. 

Georgie Manly

Georgie Manly with Anna Townley

Georgie is a multi disciplinary artist presenting work across a variety of platforms including the internet, galleries, and public spaces.

Bethany Mitchell

Bethany Mitchell  Collaborative Installation

Bethany is fueled by a belief in the value of play, curiosity and creativity which has seen her work with children, families and young people in a variety of cultural and community settings.

Willow Mitchell

Willow Mitchell Human kaleidoscope

Willow works across many art forms, mediums and processes, the continuity in her practice comes through acts of collaboration and an emphasis on playful experimentation.

Nicole Morris

Nicole Morris 4

Nicole explores how space is navigated whilst exploring the relationship between the body and architecture. 

Helen Parlor

Helen Parlour Motus 2015 Charlie Brittain

Helen has developed her practice in contemporary dance theatre as a performer, choreographer and artistic director over the last twenty years. 

Teresa Paiva

Teresa Pavia 2A

Teresa's work unfolds as a conversation with materials, locale, and audiences tapping into local narratives and everyday encounters

Maru Rojas

Maru Rojas Robinsonner

Maru's practice examines the political decisions we make every day to construct subtly subversive actions and experiences that are humorous and playful yet remain critical of the status quo.

Rekha Sameer

Rekha Sameer Percolate

Rekha creates conceptual site-specific work using a range of materials to explore current social and political concerns

Rebecca Snow

Rebecca Snow Moth

Rebecca explores the point at which participation becomes collaboration, creating site-specific multimedia works which frequently incorporate elements of film and ceramics.

Emma Wilde

Cut Through, 2014, watercolour on paper

Emma's paintings and drawings focus on how nature and the built environment co-exist and the relationships that occur between these liminal spaces. 

Wright & Vandame

Wright & Vandame image 1

Wright & Vandame explore the possibilities of collaboration and audience engagement through lively participatory art, performance, photography, video, sculpture and installations.