MK Gallery

Aaron Head

Aaron Head, Even a stopped clock
Aaron Head, And (installation shot)
Aaron Head Cloaca installation shot, 2014
Aaron Head Rain, Analong TV shelf
Aaron Head The Crystal Egg

The disruption of language; symbolic, written or oral is a regular feature in Aaron’s work, much of which plays with the possibilities of creating new worlds rather than describing a singular one.  He is interested in how simple acts that reflect on the world around us, like writing, drawing, and photography, create a paradox where you are simultaneously immortalising and changing something. You capture it, pass it on like a baton, but also translate and distort it through language.

Based in Bedford and Milton Keynes Aaron has developed his artistic practice over the last ten years alongside his work as a freelance workshop leader. He finds children’s creativity and that of a professional artist an interesting collaboration. As his practice has matured he finds that the boundaries between the two are less distinct and more blurred. The creative impulse is largely the same whilst the layers of context, interpretation, experience and vocabulary define the concept of ‘artist’.