MK Gallery

Amy Leung

Decisions Decisions, The Britishness Project, Firstsite, 2018. Image courtesy of Firstsite, photographer Douglas Atfield
Amy Leung, Conversation Cups, 2016.
Amy Leung, Final Update, 2014.
Amy Leung, Pillow Talk, 2018, image courtesy of Roaming Projects
Amy Leung, Inclusion,  2017
Amy Leung, New Flagm The Britishness Project, Firstsite, 2018. Image courtesy Firstsite, photo Douglas Atfield

Amy Leung is a London based visual artist working across sculpture, drawing, print and text. Her practice explores the articulation and communication of joy through objects, making together, or shared experiences.

Other themes within her work include: material investigations, curiosity and play, location, personal cultural identity and activating anecdotes. She is part of AltMFA, a peer-led artist group exploring alternative education, and applies this collaborative peer-led approach within her participatory projects.