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Andy Holden

The Third Attempt plywood timber fence-paint Holland 2008. Andy Holden
The Naturist (Jaywick boulder for the Festival of Britain) Andy Holden
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Gold and blue (inside) 1.jpg
birds sculpture1.jpg
Folly Quartet Boulder Museum, 2015, Zabludowicz Collection

Andy is an artist and musician whose approach is characterised by a desire to connect to audiences while retaining his own idiosyncratic internal references and motivations. Often concerned with our relationship to the past and how we make sense of ourselves, his work tackles history, nostalgia, and philosophical enquiry. Although the themes of his work are profound, Holden uses familiar lo-fi forms to express them. Cartoon characters, beer bottles covered in plaster, charity shop finds, and knitted sculptures all feature in his work. The ability to evoke both the burdens of existence and a childlike appreciation of the world around defines Holden's unique approach to how an artist should go about their practice.

Andy received the Stanley Picker Fellowship in 2011 and was a recipient of a Paul Hamlyn Foundation Artist Award in 2012. Exhibitions include Pyramid Piece and Return of the PyramidPiece for Art Now at Tate Britain and Chewy Cosmos Thingly Time at Kettle’s Yard in Cambridge. He curated Be Glad For the Song Has No End – A Festival of Artists Music at Wysing Arts Centre in 2010. He was a founding member of a small, Bedford-based art movement MI!MS Maximum Irony! MaximumSincerity, which was the subject of his exhibition at London's Zabludowicz Collection in 2013.

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