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Carlos Cortes

Carlos Cortes Build Your Worlds
Carlos Cortes Big Draw Olympic Park 2013
Carlos Cortes Trayectos Dance Festival
Carlos Cortes A Thin Line
Carlos Cortes Moving with the Wind
Carlos Cortes A Forest of Drawings

Carlos works across performing and visual art and has exhibited, published and performed across Europe and the USA. Participation and interactivity features strongly in his work which focuses on the relationship between communities, their activities, the places they live, the objects they use, and the traces they leave.

He is interested in concepts of celebration, and exploring new forms of ritual. Temporary communities come together to participate in collective creative processes to create objects, movement, narratives, and stimulate change. These often site-specific- events can take the form of installations, choreographic work, original music, textiles, and temporary architectural structures which change how people interact with each other and challenge how public space is perceived and experienced.

Carlos is also the Artistic Director of the Build Your Worlds artist collective.