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Ella Hempsted

Ella Hempsted, Play.2017.
Ella Hempsted, Play, 2017
Ella Hempsted, You Can Try to Resist, 2018

Ella’s practice explores three-dimensional works, with a particular interest in soft sculpture. Through crafting and manipulating textures, forms and spaces, she expresses the physicality inherent in materials that playfully appeal to our sense of touch as well as sight.

As an artist and educator, Ella works with a variety of soft fabrics and tactile materials, exploring experimental and process driven work that is often spontaneous. Centred by her interest in play, it is the process of making, and the discovery of materials, which she shares and explores with others. Her focus is in facilitating environments of free play and heightening process over outcomes, allowing for new levels of engagement in the arts and empowerment through making. By placing emphasis on the power of learning through doing, Ella aims to create situations of playful discovery.