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Georgie Manly

Georgie Manly with Anna Townley
Georgie manly TableS
Georgie Manly wall
Georgie Manly puddle.

Georgie is a multi disciplinary artist presenting work across a variety of platforms including the internet, galleries, and public spaces. She combines visual material, sound, video, writing and performance to play out a variety of ideas that respond to the world we live in, often relating to concepts of dual realities - virtual and real, fiction and fact. She is interested in how we organise our relationship to our external physical world and plays with the notion of how our experiential inner world makes sense of the nominal external world. Her work is an eclectic play between fiction and fact, feeling and thought, process and material. 

Along side her practice Georgie is also  interested in learning environments that encourage play and the cross pollination of ideas through activity and experimentation. Her emphasis is on process rather than outcome and encouraging learning through practical experience. 

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