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James Aldridge

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James works with people and places interweaving individual and socially engaged practice to research the role of art within learning.

Much of James’s work takes place outdoors, responding to local natural and cultural heritage; sensing, recording and interpreting, either alone or with others. Previous collaborations have included schools, families, universities, museums and galleries.

James believes that art offers us a way of knowing and being with the world that goes beyond the individual. It allows us to access a direct awareness of our place within ecological and social systems, through our bodies, imaginations and emotions. This in turn can provide us with insights, which offer the potential to work towards the development of more environmentally sustainable and equitable societies.

Exploring and making-while-walking is a important to James as a way of becoming mindful of and responsive to the 'here and now'; whilst his studio based work focuses on the cultural and ecological relationship between people and places.

James was the lead artist for the Green Town Group.

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