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Joanna Fursman

Joanna Fursman Speaking to Ourselves
Joanna Fursman, Possible School
Joanna Fursman, Not an art room (office)
Joanna Fursman Not an art room drama
Joanna Fursman, Not an art room (drama)
Joanna Fursman, Corridor (gum)

Joanna uses photography and assemblage in innovative collaborative projects with students to explore the  benefits of self-expression. She has developed her artistic practice through the lens of running art workshops in community centres alongside co-directing an artist-run gallery, Catalyst Arts, in Belfast.

 Her practice is informed by research into the places where students are required to make art and the places where they might choose to make work. This resulted in the Possible School project which evolved through working collaboratively with students to see what happens when a reliance on fixed spaces for making, display and discussion about art is un-pinned. 

The project explored the political and social structure of the school, leading to an examination of opportunities to develop students’ art practice, and how the spaces we learn in affects what we do and how and if they can be changed.