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Lee Farmer

Lee Farmer Untitled (composite 4c)
Lee Farmer Untitled (composite 9b reversed partial) 2010
Lee Farmer Untitled Composite 8b
Lee Farmer Cake on a Steampunk Theme
Lee Farmer Pallant House
Lee Farmer Suspended Wedding Cake
Lee Farmer untitlted 1995

Lee’s detailed and complex works on paper begin as a physical or digital collage of found images and drawings. Subjects often include naturally occurring forms - details of plant and animal life - as well as tattoos, maps, elements of heraldry and other symbols. The composite picture is transferred on to paper from prints using tracing paper, pen, pencil or graphite stick or collage. The marks made by the transfer process are then ‘recorded’ with a small paintbrush in Indian ink, which has a very deep, permanent and perfect black finish which almost appears to have been mechanically applied. 

Lee’s practice also includes the creation of bespoke cakes born from his love of baking, the processes of chemistry, assembly and construction and the degree of inherent ornamentation within the craft.