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Liz Corkhill

Liz Corkhill, Untitled 2
Liz Corkhill Untitled 3
Liz Corkhill Untitled 4

Liz can often be found staring at the elephant in the room. She is drawn to uncomfortable situations and social taboos, with an emphasis on shame, the role of the outsider, and her own experiences of childhood loneliness. She prefers the journey to the destination.

She works in the tradition of the crafter making sketchbooks by hand to control the whole creative process and values a daily drawing practice which explores textures, forms and decorative surfaces, and incorporates textiles techniques and found materials.

Working predominantly in 2-D, using mixed media, stitch and creative book binding her work continuously explores new techniques to express the verbally inexpressible. She celebrates the decorative, whilst investigating the mundane and the domestic to comment on the contrast between social veneer and the darkness beneath.