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Maru Rojas

Maru Rojas Robinsonner
Maru Rojas Underdiscovery
Maru Rojas False Fronts
Maru Rojas And Yet It Moves
Maru Rojas Alarma

Maru is a Mexican artist and writer based in London. Her work examines the political decisions we make every day to construct subtly subversive actions and experiences that are humorous and playful yet remain critical of the status quo. Within these small acts of resistance she challenges institutionalised ideas or concepts be those within education, the built environment, the public sphere, human relationships or our relationships to animals and objects.  

There is a strong social element within her work which combines text as image, recording as well as  in print form, with drawing, image making, and live art. She uses different devices and actions to create new situations and ways of relating to others and the world, and new ways of deconstructing the world through language, mixing critical approaches with fictional narratives.