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Mr Wilson's Second Liners

Mr Wilsons Second Liners photo by Chris Payne.jpg
Mr Wilsons Second Liners. Photo Walk the Plank.jpg

Second Lining is a quintessential New Orleans art form and involves crowds following a band to enjoy the music, marching and dancing, twirling parasols and waving handkerchiefs. If you’re lucky enough to be caught up in this stylish commotion, you’re part of the Second Line.

Mr. Wilson’s Second Liners are an anarchic extravaganza bursting with colour and sound, with upbeat dance tunes that pay homage to disco, ‘90s club culture and the diehard days of the Hacienda and its greatest champion, Mr. Tony Wilson.

Hot-stepping out in uniformed style, with a nod to Sergeant Pepper, Mr Wilson’s will get audiences young and old dancing with their live set in The Point car park for Feast of Fire on Saturday 21 October from 6.30pm.

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