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Sophie Atkins

Sophie Atkins Bedford Market
Sophie Atkins Brickworks (detail)
Sophie Atkins Cambridge
Sophie Atkins Letchworth Brown
Sophie Atkins Spirella
Sophie Atkins Ved Gron

Sophie is an artist and illustrator who explores rhythm, pattern and unexpected beauty within the urban environment. Through gestural line drawing and screen printed textiles she playfully confronts the brutal truth that perfectionism is futile in an imperfect world.

Drawing in pen she commits to the line - accepting wherever it lands on the page to embrace the risk of a 'bad' drawing resulting in perfectly 'wrong' images.  She lets her eye lead her hand and in this way her drawings are an honest reflection of how she sees the world. Her textiles are a celebration of pattern in unexpected places. There is a playful and mischievous twist to her works which convey a sense of comfort to the viewer that the imperfect is much more enjoyable, interesting and charming than the perfect.

In 2016 she founded the Beds Urban Sketchers group to inspire more people to draw and to see their surroundings in a new light by organising accessible opportunities to sketch with others in the urban environment of Bedford.