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Townley and Bradby

T&B Yellow Flag
T & B Bed
T&B icanhearwhatyoursaying_b
T&B All Over Again XIVb
T&B I canhearwhatyouresaying 1

Over the last seven years Townley and Bradby have been developing artistic forms that are driven by repetition: achievable within, and as part of, their on-going domestic chores. Their practice shares thinking space and living space on equal terms with cooking, washing, cleaning, parenting; and their studio or working space is by turns the kitchen table, the bedroom windowsill, the gap underneath the sofa, the duration of the walk to school: it moves about with the activities of family life.

They are a collaborative practice whose membership is always under discussion. At times their children (currently aged eleven, eight and four) want nothing to do with art, but increasingly, in the last few years, they have chosen to become involved in creation and decision-making, shaping the way that some artworks are made and joining in with performance pieces.

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