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Veronika Szabo

Vernonika Szabo the Time stealers
Vernonika Szabo
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Veronika is a director, performer and community theatre practitioner who comes from a background of studying contemporary and applied theatre, drama in education, and clowning.  

She creates participatory, site specific and immersive theatre performances which invite audiences and communities to take an active role and consider their relationships to social issues, spaces, and others in playful ways. She has worked with various communities including children and young people, refugees, the homeless, and rural villagers, encouraging them to reimagine their reality and empowering them to create new fictions inspired by their own stories. She has also worked internationally with various theatre companies, cultural institutions, and schools and regularly teaches community theatre in universities. 

Veronika is a founding member of the experimental theatre company the Very Clock Collective, is currently a resident artist supported by L1 Association, Budapest and is also part of the Flying Fish international participatory arts collective.