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The City Club newspaper is produced by MK Gallery in collaboration with lead artist Gareth Jones and designer Mark El-khatib. The newspaper features the stories behind City Club projects, including interviews with commissioned artists and the people taking part in their work.

Spring 2017, Issue One

Newspaper issue one

City Club lead artist Gareth Jones reports on his collaboration with Nils Norman; artist Andy Holden discusses a new use for public sculpture; and sound artist Caroline Devine talks about her major new commission for City Club.

Summer 2017, Issue Two

Newspaper issue two

For the second issue of our newspaper we take a magical mystery tour, explore the art of protest, and celebrate the summer solstice. On the way, we visit an important public sculpture and discover a new community garden.

Autumn 2017, Issue Three

City Club newspaper issue three

In this issue we hear a myriad of voices from Milton Keynes, go on a camping trip to the Blue Lagoon and plan the mother of all parties. If you aren’t already exhausted, we share our interior design scheme for MK Gallery and propose how you can help to shape the art of tomorrow.