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Citizen Ship

Citizen Ship

For City Club Freee art collective, Dave Beech, Andrew Hewitt and Mel Jordan, in collaboration with architectural practice Modern Architecture have produced a new mobile artwork Citizen Ship. This portable pavilion resembles Milton Keynes' bus shelters and is part laboratory, part kiosk and part meeting place.  

Freee are interested in consensus and dissensus. The participatory methods they use are directed at political exchange and opinion formation. They are interested in how we collectively decide what we believe and the social political moment we find ourselves in. Freee will work with passersby to generate conversations through which new slogans for badges, ribbons, vinyl and posters will be created, and then displayed in and on the pavilion.

Citizen Ship will be located in five sites around Milton Keynes in June and July and will return to central Milton Keynes in October. In the second edition of the City Club newspaper Freee and Modern Architect are interviewed by Johnny Golding, a full transcript of the interview is also available to download below.

CityFest, Middleton Hall, centre:mk, 26 - 29 June

Art in the Park, Campbell Park, 1 - 2 July 

Milton Keynes Arts Centre, Great Linford, 3 - 8 July

Margaret Powell Square (outside MK Gallery), 11 - 14 July

Margaret Powell Square (outside MK Gallery) 21 October

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