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Playing Out is a two year project using art and play in outdoor spaces. Playing Out takes place in Conniburrow and in the centre of Milton Keynes, building links between the two. During 2017, artist family Townley and Bradby and Associate Artist Georgie Manly are trying out a series of games, gatherings and art activities in Conniburrow. Those which resonate will be developed and extended during 2018.

They reflected on their first visit to Milton Keynes in the first edition of the City Club newspaper and will continue to  record, reflect and share their experiences digitally on their Playing Out website. In the second edition of the City Club newspaper Anna Townley is in conversation with artist and Conniburrow resident Sarah Wright about the new Conniburrow Community Orchard which has been a focus for much of their early encounters.

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A Game Played in the Gallery Over Two Days 1
Thursday 3 August – 26 August MK Gallery